December 2nd 2023 - Hampton Downs, Waikato

New Zealand Drift Superstar Mad Mike Whiddett brings you another instalment of the very best drift action New Zealand has to offer - it's Mad Mike's Summer Bash 6! Tickets ON SALE NOW!

ENTRANT TICKETS HERE - Online Entries are now CLOSED,  Late Entries are accepted at the gate *subject to availability. Entrant Track gates close at 12pm Saturday Dec 2nd.






Highlights at this year's show: 

- Mad Mike's entire fleet drifting & cruising on track 
- Milwaukee Tools Top 16 Drift Superclass 
- Toyo Tires Triple Threat Team Drift 
- Summer Bash Skid King 
- Open drifting 
- Meguiars Hard Park
- Kaspa circuit cruise  
- Gymkhana 
- RC Drifting 
- VIP Guest Hertech Jr
- DJ P Digsss live on Red Bull's ‘BULRSH' DJ Truck
- MC Jarod DeAnda - The Voice of Formula Drift
- SpeedNation and Next Level Racing Simulator Experience

Come and witness live and direct!

NZ's best drifters will once again feature in the headline Summer Bash Superclass event where all comers will go up against Mad Mike. Not forgetting Whiddett will be rolling out the entire fleet to shred tyres on track.

There will be MASSIVE prizes and trophies up for grabs for all winners and runners up. In addition to this the International track cruise is open to the public. Off the track there will be the Meguiars Hard Park, RC Drifting and SpeedNation Simulators in the pavilion. There will be the FREE Kids Zone and you can upgrade your experience to the Premium Trackside Lounge and grandstand option, trackside bar available.

Don't miss out - come and join us for the sixth instalment of Mad Mike's Summer Bash!

See the cars, see the stars


All vehicles must pass a basic safety check before you are permitted on track. This is for your safety, and the safety of those around you. Please go over the list before the event to ensure there are no issues on the day. There are no refunds if your vehicle does not pass the basic safety check.

You will be responsible and billed for any use of spill kits, extinguisher refills, along with any deliberate grass damage or damage to the venue, whether deliberate or not.


  • Brake lights
  • Legal tread on the tyres
  • Battery Clamps - Must be secured and not able to move, even if it's in a battery box. This is the most common Safety Check failure
  • No Fuel or Oil Leaks
  • Wheel Nuts secured
  • Seatbelts or harnesses. This is required for all drivers and passengers. If your vehicle came factory without belts, you must have aftermarket belts fitted to get on track.
  • Noise Limit - All tracks have noise limits and you are to obey by the track limits. If your car exceeds the limits then you will be asked to rectify this and if still persists then you won't be allowed at the event with no refunds.
  • Sealed Firewall.
  • No structural Damage.
  • Door Cards - This is recommended for safety, however it is your responsibility if you don't comply. We will NOT decline you if this is not done.
  • No exhaust/waste gate out bonnet - This is recommended for safety, however it is your responsibility if you don't comply. We will NOT decline you if this is not done. This is permisable in the MSNZ Drift Category
  • No loose items
  • Secured seats


You must complete the list above, as well as:

  • Rollcages are not required, however must be padded if installed. If you don't have a cage, you cannot tandem drift or take passengers drifting.
  • Full Rollcages ARE required for Drift Superclass Entrants
  • All cars with a modified engine must have an overflow bottle and oil catch can if one isn't already fitted.
  • Fuel System has to be fully sealed from drivers compartment
  • Secured seats
  • No excessive play on steering
  • Brakes – firm pedals in working condition
  • Vision – Clear vision through windscreen (any cracks must be out of drivers line or sight, no larger than A3 size and no passengers permitted)
  • Throttle cable Is fitted correctly
  • No sharp outside bodywork
  • Exhaust - Fumes are exiting outside
  • Rear Firewall sealed
  • Marked Tow Hooks
  • Operational Window Wipers
  • No mirror tints - either open your windows or remove front tints. No tint on front windscreen.

Track Staff reserve the right to remove passengers if safety is an issue prior to you getting out on the track.

There are NO WARNINGS issued if you are caught breaking track rules! You will be removed from the event with NO REFUNDS


CREW PASSES:  3 x passes are included with the DRIFT Entry Ticket types only. All additional crew require a GA ticket to enter the circuit.

SUPPORT VEHICLES/TRAILER PARKING:  Pit parking is available for registered entrant vehicles ONLY due to the limited space. 1 x Support vehicle spot is only permitted with the Drift Entry ticket. If you require a Support Vehicle with you in the pits, you can purchase a Support Vehicle sticker for $80, strictly limited numbers - your trailer will still need to be parked in the infeild trailer parking - no exceptions, unless you have hired a garage.

If you have a tow vehicle, trailer or support vehicle and don't want to pay, it can be parked outside the main entrance via gate 3 for free. 


Want to drive your mates vehicles without doing a full entry? Second Driver wristbands will be available over the weekend for $30 + Spectator fee. Head to drivers briefing and fill out the form.


Head to the Pavillion and complete the passenger indemnity form, pay $10, recieve your wrist band and you are ready to go.  It is the Drivers responsibility to ensure their passengers are secure at all times - road rules apply in the CRUISE sessions, strictly NO racing / Drifting or power skids.  If the passenger is in a race car - they must have the same safety wear as the driver and the fitment must be suitable, if the belts do not secure young / small passengers safely, you will be turned around at the gate before getting on track. For Drifting - the Vehicle must be passenger approved.