Drift Force


Drift Force

Hampton Downs

Mad Mike in partnership with Hampton Downs Motorsport Park welcome you to come test and advance your drifting skills in a fun, non competitive environment. We will provide regular track dates on the club circuit extension and the only opportunity to drift the course in reverse configuration at Mad Mike Drift FORCE.

Our goal is to provide drift track days to help grow the sport of drifting and make it attainable for any level of driver and car to get on track in a safe and legal environment, whether you want to slide around with friends or build drifting into a career.

Classes: Pro / Intermediate / Novice


Upcoming 2024 Dates

22nd June 

07:30 - Gates / Tech inspection 
09:00 - 09:15 Drivers Briefing 
09:20 - 12:30 Cycle in classes - reverse direction PRO/INT/NOV
12:30 - 13:00 Lunch break - track configuration
13:00 - 16:00 Cycle in class - regular direction
16:00 - 17:00 Open track - refer notes*
17:30 - Venue gates closed

*Drift Etiquette applies. No tandem unless you are in pro class / No tandem unless agreed with other driver / Wait for the car ahead to clear turn 1 before leaving the line up.

  • Pricing: $249
  • Passengers are permitted in roll caged cars ONLY. Indemnity must be signed, a wrist band will be issued. + Must wear all approved safety gear / Cost per passenger: $30ea
  • Media permitted, sign in for track access and breifing. Hampton Downs has a drone policy - contact Hampton Downs for details on approval process. 
  • NO DOGS - track rules
  • NO trailers to be kept in the pit area, please unload and move to spectator parking
  • NO Spectator parking in the pit area

Tech inspection / Rules and Regs:

  • NO WOF or REG required
  • NO Roll cage required - however, a roll cage IS required if you are taking passengers OR entering in the pro class
  • FHR are mandatory. For vehicles that have a 4 point harness or greater there are various tethered devices available including Hans, NecksGen REV, Impact, Accel or Simpson Hybrid. All of these are acceptable. Sliding tether is preffered option for drifting. For vehicles fitted with a standard lap and diagonal 3-point belt system – a foam roll / collar is acceptable.
    • You can purchase frontal head restraints from:
    • Harris Race Radios
    • Chicane Racewear
    • NZKW
  • Mandatory Safety wear: All gear must meet SFI standards: Helmet, FHR, single layer race suit, gloves, race shoes
  • Minimum tech inspection will include: Seats fixed properly, seat belt checks, tow hooks (must be marked with decals), no leaks, secure battery mounts, no loose objects interior/exterior. Clear Windscreen, operational wipers, Rear Firewall, Roll cage + side instrusion required for passengers and to enter Pro class.  
  • See also the supplementary Track Rules which we will run over at Drivers Breifing
  • If you have any concerns feel free to contact us prior to committing to the day.

Contact: Toni +6421755715

Track Location - On arrival follow the signs to the GT Radial Club Circuit.

Safety / Recovery / Fire / Ambulance on site

Conditions: Please note the booked dates are not transferable.  All entrants are strictly supervised throughout the day. Hampton Downs Motorsport Park reserve the right to refuse or revoke any entrant at anytime.  Should any extinguishers be used, the cost for re-filling will be charged on to the driver of the vehicle. Please read through the event Rules and Regulations for your safety and that of our other attendees on the day.  Hampton Downs rules state NO DOGS are permitted on site, please do not bring them and do not leave them in your vehicle.