New workshop open day

What an unreal opportunity from Tony Quinn and the team at Hampton Downs for myself to design from scratch and relocate the MADLAB into the public eyes and join Aoraki Café in the main entrance of Hampton Downs. This is something I am beyond stoked to reveal to the public. The existing MADLAB was also just on the other side of the wall however closed to public eyes and only very exclusive BTS and Red Bull film shoots etc. With soo much rad content, race car prep and maintenance and projects on the go at all times we can now allow the public to view 90% of the Mad Mike Motorsport operation. The hidden 10% is the secret fabrication area where I will continue the secret build projects and film shoots for my fans but then with the amazing facility I'll be able to reveal the projects to my kiwi supporters right here and offer VIP access to see it all.

WELCOME!! The exterior of our building boasting some HUGE billboards where I can change out the pics from the MASSIVE load of content Red Bull and the photographers have captured the moments from my career so far. Here the MADCAB and RADBUL bark eagerly before getting to shred some Toyo Tire rubber on track.

The view from inside the café you'll find our official merch shop and the glass front windows viewing inside the workshop where it all happens. It was nice to select out my favourite hoods that all tell a story whether it be a championship won, an epic film shoot, video game feature or even a wild crash! Of course the OG MADBUL sits with main presence out front.

Inside the Merch shop you'll find all the latest official MM / LW Merch. Not only designing all my car builds it was rad to design the entire shop from the floor plan to the prints on the walls then weeks of late night missions applying them all and helping Foster Group with the build


Some of my iconic helmets and most proud trophies on display

Linc's fresh line of merch and his are selling faster than mine! It's incredible the support he has received from you all and my race partners to build his wild little MX5 NOKIDN

Inspiration wall! What an honour to have so many amazing photographers over the years follow my travels and capture the moments and projects of both myself and now my son Linc as he chases his dreams.

Couple of cover shots from the years

Behind closed doors.. The entrance to the meeting room and VIP fabrication area where all the private film shoots and secret projects get built and assembled.

Skid lids that tell many stories

First look into the MADLAB Workshop area you'll find more of the iconic cars on display, I used the space to fill up the shelves with trophies that have been hiding away in boxes for many years. Placing these on the shelves again bringing back many memories, it really is wild where the sport of drifting has taken me and my family, the friends we have made, the experiences and the challenges accomplished 

NIMBUL sitting pride in the centre of the showroom, where it can try stay safe from finger prints

This has been the best project yet of the entire fleet! With over 30 International events and activations scheduled for 2020 then 99% of the world going into lockdown meant 2020 was going to be a very challenging year however I would take it as an opportunity to have more family time with Toni and our groms. Toni mentioned “You and Linc should build a drift car together” so the second we posted on social media a pic of Linc hang'n out the window of his MX5 instantly the support was overwhelming with many of my race partners wanting to be onboard and many fresh DM's into Lincs inbox from other companies keen to be jump on for the ride. I'll cover the full build in a separate post as this car really is berserk!

Inventory shelves packed, What an honour to work with these rad brands, many of these I was repping as a kid with stickers on my RC cars, Motocross bikes etc as they were logos on inspiring riders and cars. The best recipe for reliability on our screaming rotang's is quality parts and meticulous servicing.

Another fresh partner we announced this weekend was Milwaukee, to have these guys on our programme is going to be a huge benefit to our team and what we do. They are a very innovative company and literally have a tool for everything. We really are looking forward to help them develop new tools and now already have a wide range in the automotive tools and just as important their tools and cabinets look badass!

Of course plenty of Red Bull to keep us focused and on point with everything we do in the MADLAB. Also great for those MEGA night missions as we hustle to get cars completed to get into containers, film shoots and the tough deadlines.

FURSTY my old school 1973 Mazda s2 RX2 sedan. This built to my heritage specs when we would roll around causing a scene in our teenage days. This is the style where RotangKlan started in the 90's cut springs to the bumpstops  13x8 Modgies and Eagers, rowdy bridgeports pulsing through big old 5” SuperTrapps. There's a real cool story on how I ended up with this whip. Note the tyre rack always stocked with Toyo Tire rubber ready to shred.

The mighty RADBUL waiting anxiously at the front of the café ready to shred some rubber later in the day.

One of the other projects I did this year was my Harley Davidson Street Bob HDAKE, It was a lot of fun building this to show my personality, Harley Auckland also just finished rebuilding the motor with all the good stuff inside so it can live up to its licence plate.

Wearing the same camo as the NIMBUL Lamborghini ghosted over the prints which were photos I took at a UK War and Airforce museum which I then modified to suit. Signwriter / designer being my trade I have a very clear vision with all my projects and love the fact that I get to design all the builds, the racesuits, helmets, crew shirts, shop even our own family home.

Ready for war

Toni's MZCHIF Mazda ND MX5, Toni also has a very clear vision when it comes to building her rides. She has won many car shows and awards with a number of her builds including Rotary swapped Mercedes, Slammed Maserati, twin turbo lexus V8 bagged Benz to name a few she was also the first female to win KING of AutoSalon.

Clean and simple yet wild, Rocket Bunny kit we designed with Kei Miura san, this was the 5th kit I have collaborated with RB, custom Rotiform wheels, KW Hydraulic suspension and a bass thumping Zeroflex sound system.


Plenty of sweet whips came out to enjoy the day, Hampton Downs opened the entire venue for the public to enjoy weather it was just to park up, cruise, drifting, grip laps, 4X4 mudpark or burn some rubber in the burnouts. We opened it for FREE for all spectators too.

Nice to have the kiwi drift elites come out for a jam, take their friends, family and sponsors for some hotlaps in a casual fun environment. Here Fanga Dan laying down some rubber.

Many of my resident MM DriftFORCE gang were there shredding and enjoying the chance to drift the National Track. Ash throwing it hard into turn 2

End of the day I pulled a few of the Bull's from the stables to go and put on a show for the fans that came out. It's always a rad time on track with Gaz.

Overall what a MEGA day with MASSIVE smiles which is my biggest priority for any of my events. Soo much work to build the complete the shop in less than 2 months. Thanks to Russell,T and the Foster Group team for putting in the hard yards and working with perfect workmanship. Catch you at Hampton Downs and for my international fans the store is now live right here to get your merch and hopefully 2021 the world opens back up so I can meet you all at the track.


Dream BIG hustle HARDER