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Mad Mike POV Goodwood Festival of Speed

16th July 2015

Jump in the drivers seat as Mad Mike screams up the hill for the first lap in his naturally aspirated 4rotor 26b Peripheral Port to be the first to burn rubber up Lord March's narrow driveway at the worlds most historic and prestigious motorsport event 'Goodwood Festival of Speed'

Mad Mike Formula Drift Round3 Orlando

25th June 2015

A new venue in the Formula Drift Championship is always bound to shake things up, but when you throw torrential rain into the mix it gets a whole lot more interesting. ‘Uncharted Territory’, the third stop on the 2015 FD calendar held at Orlando Speedworld Oval Track just proved that.

Film shot and edited by: Tommy Babiarz

Aerial air boat footage provided by

Mad Mikes Return To Formula Drift - by Larry Chen

8th May 2015

Larry Chen of Speedhunters interviewed Mad Mike about his return to Formula Drift and his debut in RADBUL.

I was very excited when Mike told me at this year’s Tokyo Auto Salon that he was making a return to Formula Drift, because not only is he a fan favorite, he brings a sense of style unlike anyone else on the grid.

I had a moment to catch up with Mike as soon as he was finished with Thursday practice ahead of this weekend’s FD Atlanta round.

Larry: You just finished open practice – how is your return to Formula Drift going so far?

Mike: It’s insane – seeing the speed of all the cars especially! Just watching from the outside, you can definitely see the progression. I’ve been away from Formula Drift USA for five years, and the difference in speed from back then until now is ridiculous. Today is our first time running on a new Nitto Tire NT05 compound, and it feels amazing.

Scott from SPD, who used to be Daijiro Yoshihara’s crew chief, has done a lot with setting up our KW coilovers and the rest of the suspension, so we’re really comfortable with the car now.  It helped that we took a lot of grip out of the car this morning, but since then we’ve just been fine tuning the setup and I’ve been getting used to the track with this layout, as I haven’t driven it before.

Read the full Speedhunters interview here

Project RADBUL MX5 Part 5

18th February 2015

As we’ve seen in previous updates on Project RADBUL – including the last one from early December 2014 when it's engine was being pieced together – not only is everything about this build unconventional, the shock value has been wound right off the scale.

Despite being a motorsport category where rulebooks allow a certain amount of engineering freedoms, there’s almost a tried and tested formula when it comes to engineering competitive pro car. I can tell you that a short wheelbase Mazda MX-5 with a 4-rotor, twin turbo engine good for four digit power output is definitely not it though.

But would you expect anything from Mad Mike? We certainly didn’t… Read the full Speedhunters Blog here

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